Dear Customer

Please read - VERY IMPORTANT

All information is given in good faith without prejudice from our understanding at the time.

Manufacturers regularly run promotions however these promotions are between 'the end user' and 'the manufacturer', they can change them and they have strict time limits for submitting claims.
If the offer is for an extended maintenance please ensure you receive and retain proof of this cover as we won't have any record of it or indeed know if you did apply or not should you ask us at a later date.

Below is the website address you will need to make a claim for any current offer(s) - please do this sooner than later and ask us if unsure

By simply registering the product >> within 90 days << of purchase, the warranty may be extended if applicable

There are two ways in which to register product

Phone: 0800 917 0879

Online: NB. when it comes to inputting where purchased from select Hylands Electrical from the drop down list as you begin to type - if you just type it all you haven't selected us & will only get the standard warranty :